About Us

Learning is Like the Horizon:
There is No Limit

“Learning is like the Horizon: there is no limit.” This ancient Chinese saying beautifully describes the infinite nature of knowledge-seeking. Likewise, we believe individuals have unlimited potential! Here at LearnRizon, we believe that the ultimate academic potential of each student can be unlocked and maximized with timely and personalized guidance. Hence, we are LearnRizon – Personalized Learning, which stands for our belief in each child’s unlimited Learning Horizon!

Why study with LearnRizon? Because, we are...

Quality educational services at affordable prices

Locally owned, free from franchise constraints and high royalty fees

Personalized to fill each student’s learning needs

Outfitted with more choices that will fit the needs of any student. Each education package is formatted to fit the goals of our students; we offer small classes, group sessions, and individualized guidance.

Equipped for learning! Our beautifully renovated facility is a pleasant learning environment that guaranties to enlighten our students.

SATURDAYS : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
and other times when classes are in session.
Please email info@learnrizon.com if you need to reach us. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

Small Group Classes Offered:

  • Middle School English Reading and Writing
  • Prepare for High School Writing
  • Elementary Reading and Writing
  • Accelerated Math/Pre-Algebra
  • Math Homework and Workbook Lab

Test-Prep Tailored to Your Learning Needs:

  • SAT ACT PSAT Intensive Math
  • SAT ACT PSAT Intensive English
  • SAT Full-Length Mock-up Test with Full Test Strategy Review
  • ACT Full-Length Mock-up Test with Full Test Strategy Review
  • PSAT Full-Length Mock-up Test with Full Test Strategy Review