Math & English

It’s not English and math for all kids. It’s English and math for your child. At the forefront of any child’s education are two staple subjects: English and math. Boost not only your child’s grades, but also his or her confidence with a personalized learning course aimed at strengthening their comprehension and application of these two vitally important academic areas. Create a culture of learning, engaging the child on a consistent schedule that supplements a regular English and math curriculum by taking the lessons to a personalized learning level. In a typical school, these subjects are taught on a broad level across all students, but at LearnRizon we believe in customizing the lessons to your child, ensuring they are receiving the detailed attention that they need to ultimately find the success they deserve.
Watch your child accelerate with hands-on guidance from experienced professional instructors.

The Trusted Place for Kids After School

The LearnRizon After School provides that peace of mind to parents with busy schedules. LearnRizon is not just any after school where services border on child care. It is not a place where all students must fit in cookie-cutter curriculum, or be limited on a certain subject. Here at LearnRizon, we value each student’s individual needs, we personalize our services to ensure each student’s success.