2020 Summer Back-to-School Enrichment Classes (Starting Next Week 7/14)

Id: TEST105

The Ultimate Complete SAT/ACT Test Prep

The ultimate comprehensive test prep on SAT/ACT. Learn key test strategies from someone who scored top scores themselves. Hannah and John are college students in top universities who taught/tutored with LearnRizon before. Composite Class.

School Level: Middle to High  Teacher: Hannah/John

Id: Zoom Seminar

Impacts of COVID19 on College Application

How is COVID19 changing College Application? How should you best parepare in this new age? Valuable seminar open to Parents and Students. Get your questions answered. Space is limited. First come, first serve! Mr. McGivens is the Guidance Director of a top local private school. He is a well-known expert in this field with decades of experience.

School Level:Zoom Seminar Teacher: Mr. Chuck M

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